11 March 2012


Okay, this one's my favourite!! :) Been a while since I'd written any poems, that too one in Hindi... Nevertheless, the final outcome is quite satisfying, by the look of it :D ..

Kyun bhari dhoop mein andher lage
Kyun bheed mein yun tanhayee base

Kyun  honton pe aate nahin dil mein chupe armaan
Kyun hai yeh saara jahaan tere liye kurbaan

Kyun khaamosh hai sehmi hui saanson ki dor
Kyun bandishon ki zanjeerein kheenche mujhe teri ore

Kyun hain bheetar ki dooriyaan sagar ke kinaaron jitni
Kyun iss betaab mann ko tumse milne ki aarzoo itni

Kyun labb pe khaamoshi hai par nigaahein kuch kehti hai
Kyun khayalon ke pinjre mein kaid meri aahatein rehti hain

Birthday Bells

Composed this poem for my cutest friend Vishal, on his Birthday (07-03-2012)!!! Happy reading :)

The air is abuzz with excitement
Crazy thoughts inundating the mind
A silent smile, an anxious yelp 
Confirm the wait to be a grind

At long last, the clock strikes twelve
The moment is here to cut the cake
But look at you, so eager to delve
In search of elusive gifts for you to take

A year wiser you are, I doubt if that’s true
The future is bright, great things are due
But listen my friend; life’s a bundle of surprises
A bemusing cluster of good and bad memories
At every stage the pressing need arises
To retain the treasures and weed out the worries