11 June 2010

At Last...Touchdown!

So, finally hell's broken loose and the demons of procrastination been shied away to pave way for my belated appearance on blogger space! Well, I wouldn't be honest if I pretend to project my entry like a bolt from the blue or like an enigma unravelled overnight. However, its taken some time coming, what with my topsy turvy encounters in college before and a hectic final year thus technically sparing me no breathing space for nourishing a self maintained blog!!
        Ok...now here's hoping that I can carry on with my blogging experience on a fairly regular clip. As far as possible,  I shall discuss matters that should merit valuable public notice and opinion, alongside intermittent discussion of personal merit. No matter what I attempt to convey through my posts, its u, the reader whose valuable inputs and constructive criticisms will make the blog tick. Hence, I humbly request one and all to come and explore a world of possibilities to share, debate and communicate diversified opinions....coz no one's rt, no one's wrong....there's always a middle path!


  1. First impression is the best impression .. u have proved through your first post .. all the best budding blogger

  2. Thank U...Hope to keep up the tempo through my remaining posts!

  3. Yes, you're right...There's neither good nor bad...Everything's relative...Ram in Raavan, Raavan in Ram...It's the situation...A Shift from good to bad and bad to good...Like Glissando in Music...